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About Sahibs Biryani

Sahibs Biryani, A Unit of ARZ Food Ventures Pvt Ltd was launched in 2020, with a vision to provide premium quality authentic biryani on demand. We have more than 20 years of experience in making traditional biryani, food processing and packaging. We have been making & supplying premium biryani for bulk supplies since 2010.

Our specialized packaging and cooking methodology enables our customer to break the dhum. This is an unique experience for all our customers.

All our raw materials are sourced from reputed and certified vendors with the highest standards, which are further cleaned for cooking. The cooking is done in a hyper clean kitchen with trained Food Professional using Personal Protective Equipment. Our kitchens are sterile and hyper clean, with due approvals from FSSAI & Halal Asia. Weekly safety audits are conducted by our Quality Controller to ensure our customers food safety. We have an advanced R & D Lab with qualified and experienced professionals, where products are tested thoroughly and regularly.

The prepared food is untouched by human hands and all the packing materials are sterilized when received. The food is delivered in a strong box and transported in a closed body sanitized vehicle and the delivery is done with people wearing protective equipment direct to our customer’s doorstep.

Sahibs Biryani has been serving the people of Chennai with premium biryanis and specialty food products and has been privileged to have served more than 5000 families in the last two years alone.

What Makes Us Premium

 sahibs biryani

We use 1.5 Kg of meat for 1 Kg of rice which is usually higher than other commercial Biryani.

Cloud Kitchen

The sterile and clean kitchens we use to ensure your food safety costs additional.

Best biryani

Our specialized packing and cooking methodology which enables the customer to break the dhum is a unique experience which enables customers to experience our Biryani like none other.

sahibs biryani

Our delivery box size is large and as of now third party aggregators and or delivery system cannot support to safely transport this across to you.

sahibs biryani

Due to the size of the specialised box we have to transport our product to you in a stabilized and sterile four wheeler from our kitchen to your pick up point / delivery point.

sahibs biryani

As of now our only focus is delighting you with our premium quality product and service and above all receive all feedback to improve ourselves and keep upping the game in serving the best there is.

sahibs biryani

We use premium quality fresh halal meat and ingredients which is relatively 15 - 20% more expensive than other commercially available ingredients.

Customer Feedback

What Our Customers Say

All the dishes were tasty. Iranian rose tea was a bit sugary. Vatalappam dessert was excellent.


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It was really nice, mutton was well cooked. Thanks for the wonderful Biryani.

Dinesh Kumar

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Impressed by the packaging! The biryani smells very flavourful. Very good taste too. We enjoyed it. Thank you!


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Delicious Food! Looking forward to make more orders, hopefully with the same quality and taste. Thank you!


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Mutton pieces were very good, cooked very well and taste was good. Biryani taste was good, but it used to be better before. Over all it was good, will definitely order again.


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Everything was fabulous. We enjoyed Biryani, Special Chicken & Kola Urundai and it was really awesome. Nice packaging, good aroma & very tasty. Keep it up!


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Food was excellent. Packaging was quite professional. Delivery was slightly delayed – never mind. Looking forward to tasting your mutton Biryani. I am happy with today’s lunch experience.


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